My name is Linda Tardif, the founder of Town Paws. I started Town Paws because I believe animals propel human nature forward in the MOST amazing of ways. To that point, if you’ve seen any of the videos I’ve posted online, you’ll see just how serious I am about sharing my love for animals with the animals I work with each day.

Whether a dog, a cat, a fish, or some other domesticated animal; I’ve been professionally working with animals since high school. For me, there was NEVER a choice about what I wanted to do when I grew up – I was ALWAYS drawn to animals.

Since I began working with animals back in the late 1990’s, I’ve done many things in the pet services industry. However, these days, I’ve REALLY simplified what services I provide.

Whether it’s a daily visit to one of our “doggy” playgroups, a drop-by feeding to provide adequate nourishment or something as simple as a litter box fixing for a cat or assisting to medicate your pet, I’ll 100% be there on time, and I PROMISE I’ll greet your pet with a smile on my face when you are not able.

I’ve been a resident of Natick for 13 years and business owner for 10 years. If you’re new to, you can learn more about our services, view our image and video gallery page or click here to view my testimonials.

Be sure to leave a testimonial or “like” us on Facebook so that others understand how happy our clients (and their) pets will be when they work with us. 🙂

I look forward to talking with you soon,

~ Linda